On Publishing & Working at a Bookstore | S.C. Parris

For all writers, the allure of seeing your books on the shelf is perhaps more overwhelming than writing the book in the first place (or for some even finishing it).

As someone lucky enough to work in a bookstore and be in the vicinity of books for the majority of my day, I have to say the benefits of working in a bookstore far outweigh the limitations (not writing your own book, for instance).

This is quickly remedied by the connections forged by merely being surrounding by books and often, like-minded people.


REVIEW: Love Tore Them Apart: ‘Touching From a Distance’

Few bands can claim the type of unique artistic influence that Joy Division continues to inspire even past frontman Ian Curtis’s death in 1980. Blending elements of punk and melancholic sounds, Joy Division helped create the genre of new wave. The remaining members of Joy Division – Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, and Bernard Sumner – went on to form New Order and added more electronic elements to the new wave scene. Now, artists like Radiohead, U2, Bloc Party, The Cure, The Killers, The Drums, and many others cite Joy Division and New Order as influences on their work. And, whether Interpol enjoys the comparison or not, some of us like to believe that Paul Banks’ voice is the closest we will ever come to hearing Ian Curtis again, and we love that.

INTERVIEW: Writer Dennis Hopeless Talks ‘Avengers Arena’ and Working for Marvel


CLASH journalist Jessie Maness interviewed Dennis Hopeless, a comic-book writer for Marvel Comics. Hopeless wrote the limited series: Avengers Arena. In it, sixteen teenage superheroes are trapped on an island where they must fight to survive.


Having a Beard & Ratty Tattoos Doesn’t Make You Interesting, It Makes You a Poser

Your style is boring. It is so boring. And it’s not even trendy anymore. The beard, bacon, tattoo, craft beer starter pack peaked in 2013, so why is it still a thing? Why can I leave my home on any given day and see at least six variations on Ricki Hall?


Chronicle Books Offers Literary Paper Dolls

Experience literary genius first-hand with these paper doll versions of famous authors. William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and more come to life in illustrator Kyle Hilton’s playful style, accompanied by bookish trivia and scholarly accoutrements. This is literature brought to life!    

For just $12.95 you can build yourself a collection of two dimensional literary icons with these literary paper dolls. There are 16 different characters in total and a collection of literary-themed accessories to go with them.