Quit Making the Talentless Rich With Your Terrible Taste and B. Diehl

“Being on this podcast made me feel like I fell into some weird Loony Tunes wormhole.”


REVIEW – THE CINEMATOLOGIST: ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016)

“After publicly speaking out against Ghostbusters and Paul Feig last week–which resulted in being blocked by the Ghostbusters director on Twitter–The Cinematologist is back this week with a review for the remake/reboot of the 1984 Ivan Reitman classic.”

Bill Clinton Accused of Rape

“Breaking news today, former-president of the United States Bill Clinton is now facing a rape accusation. 73-year-old Juanita Broaddrick revealed earlier today that at 35 years of age, the then Attorney General Clinton had raped her.”

Is Caitlyn Jenner Still a Man?

“Whoa, wait, don’t light up your torches yet, let’s have a grown up conversation before you guys burn my house to the ground in the name of social justice.”