Review: The Church of Latter-Day Eugenics by Chris Kelso & Tom Bradley

Now and then there comes a book so strange, that the comedown after reading feels like the day after an acid trip.


The Christmas Poop of Catalan

“Whether you think Christmas is shit or Christmas is the shit, when you are Catalan, your Christmas is going to be full of shit. And I mean literally. And no, it doesn’t get that dirty (usually).”

#the Tao of Murray

“Amongst his many deific duties, Murray plays poet and maharishi to the various extraterrestrial corporate entities that run our universe. He keeps them merciful.”

Two Sides of the Same Coin

“I would like for people to see that when you criticize a religion, you are talking about an idea, a concept. But if you extend your criticism to all religious people, then it’s discrimination.”

“Did You Mean: Oppressive”

“I came across this news article talking about how Italian museums covered statues of nude women in order to avoid offending the president of Iran.

I’m sorry, but what is this shit?”

God’s Suicide Note

“Last night the lifeless body of God was found on the floor of its apartment in the Sagittarius arm, near the center of the milk way galaxy.”

Why You Need God

“We use god to explain the misery and cruelty in ourselves and others or we use god to explain bad or good experiences that are a part of the objective nature of existing. But, life happens with or without him. “

Punk Is Not A Vehicle for Suburban Nostalgia

“The point is chaos. The point is giving others a voice, regardless of where they came from, regardless of what they grew up with. The point is righteous anger, true righteous anger, which is more than the shit they spewed to me in church.”

“Understanding” The War in Syria

“If politicians themselves were the ones having to fight wars, I’m pretty sure they’d rush to find a diplomatic solution. But we are stupid and we let our governments brainwash us into thinking that a line painted on the ground is more important than our own lives.”

San Bernardino Shooters Indentified; Killed

“At least 14 people were killed and another 17 injured in a shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino, CA., when gunmen who were heavily armed opened fire during a function at a center for people with developmental disabilities, police said.”