What Harvey Weinstein has Done for America

“And here I was thinking Pulp Fiction was going to be your greatest cultural contribution.”


We Do Not Live in Nazi Germany

“I’m a humanist and feel disconnected with the construct of your job being your identity. That’s capitalism. That’s what divides us. ‘Us vs. Them’ is not going to solve any issues.”

White History Month

“Every race has a swollen ego. It’s a biological imperative to write yourself as the hero to your story. Every demographic in America has a storyline writing them as the ideal heirs to the current power structure, and that’s really the american dream.”

White-Washing: Hollywood’s Racist Staple

“White-washing is a systematic form of racism in Hollywood where a character of color is played by a Caucasian actor or actress. This is unfortunately nothing new. Hollywood has been white-washing for ages.”

Alabama Drafts New Version of Jesus

“In light of the Paris attacks, Governor Robert Bentley announced on November 15th he is refusing Syrian refugees in Alabama. Along with this announcement, the entire state of Alabama agreed upon a final ink to paper redrafting of one of the main characters in their favorite divine document, The Bible.”

The Paris Attacks: Lets Us Find Solidarity

“Maybe the fact that we are reacting to the Paris attacks so viscerally, compared with Lebanon, Kenya and other parts of the world is not because these events are less significant, and in fact they are horrifyingly worse, but the reaction is because, as Americans we feel closer and more tied to Paris, just as one might react more emotionally to an accident involving a friend, family member or loved one, then a story only heard on the news involving strangers.”