Bernie Sanders: “I’ll Probably Vote for Clinton” – #FeelTheBummer

“What the fuck is the point of voting Democrat if you’re voting for a moderate Republican in blue?”


A Personal Retrospective on Voting

“I see this hope in the eyes of young Bernie supporters, and I am literally seeing the same things. They are saying the exact stuff I would say when I was all for Obama. They say this time it’s different. Sanders will make a change.”


“Those who have the resources to change the world for the better don’t want to because they cannot profit from it. They don’t give a shit about your problems. They only invest in things that can produce benefits.”

The Case for Grandpa Bernie

“I am, indeed, a capitalist, but I consider myself a reasonable one. America is a capitalist nation, at it’s heart, but we have embraced socialistic tendencies and thought on numerous occasions before. Generally, it was all brought about by the great FDR and the even Greater Depression.”

Bill Clinton Accused of Rape

“Breaking news today, former-president of the United States Bill Clinton is now facing a rape accusation. 73-year-old Juanita Broaddrick revealed earlier today that at 35 years of age, the then Attorney General Clinton had raped her.”

Why Bernie Sanders Isn’t The Candidate For ‘Change‘

“Bernie Sanders has been the political ‘it boy’ for a while now. There’s no question that he has a large, adoring fan base of young idealists pushing his campaign. They’ve driven his success to this point. But is Bernie really the candidate for ‘change’ that he’s been toted to be?”