“In a country that is virtually bipartisan, you can not fight an extreme with anything other than another extreme.”


Why Moving to New York City Was the Best and Worst Decision of My Life

“I did not, technically, come to New York completely fresh faced. A Westchester County native, the big city was always only an hour or so’s train ride away, and I even had an internship a few days a week on the upper west side at the end of my senior year.

But none of it could have prepared me for actually moving there.”

Greasing the Shaft

“Saudi Arabia may be in an oil price war with U.S., but overall, dirty energy is in a price war with green energy.”

“Understanding” The War in Syria

“If politicians themselves were the ones having to fight wars, I’m pretty sure they’d rush to find a diplomatic solution. But we are stupid and we let our governments brainwash us into thinking that a line painted on the ground is more important than our own lives.”

To Be Read While Blasting ‘Prison Song’ By System Of A Down

“A recent presentation by Corrections Corp of America touted the coming growth of the private prison business. It was geared toward potential investors and had a very bullish outlook on locking people up for profit, which is a good thing for the economy–and since we all want the economy to be good, yay, locking people up for profit!”

The Malfunctioning of America

“The purpose, as we all know, of a study is to give an agenda the appearance of scientific authority. Grant money must be justified, and the giver of the grant appeased. In this day and age a study is a form of marketing, a pretty good one, and certainly better than a commercial.”