CLASH Digital Exclusives are a line of daring, contemporary short films directed by notable up and coming filmmakers.

1. FOLLOWER (2016, directed by Alex J. Mann): A photographer tries to save a girl he follows on Instagram from a stalker.

2. MY FRIEND JOHN (2016, directed by Henry Arroyo): Gio, who has a large imagination, loses his older brother in a train accident and is left with a toy astronaut, which he carries everywhere, as memorabilia. After being lured across the same train tracks that his brother had passed on in order to recover his lost astronaut toy, Gio’s father, Eulow, finds Gio and aggressively brings him home. The mother, Nina, is able to bring Eulow to his senses, but also tells Gio that he should not be near the tracks, especially not alone. As life in the household becomes more stressful, Gio’s imagination begins to expand, eventually causing him to see his toy astronaut manifest itself into the real world as a physical being. Gio and his family must follow the astronaut into the deep dark forest behind his house and beyond the train tracks in order to overcome their grief and become emotionally connected again.