Big Brother 20 Will Feature Returning Players

With less than two weeks remaining until the premiere of the landmark twentieth season of the venerable reality series Big Brother, a question mark has been hovering above the fan community with a simple question in mind — will it be an All-Star edition?

According to series producer Alison Grodner, it is not in the cards. The last ‘All-Star’ season of Big Brother landed in the summer of 2006 and was considered a fan favorite — but that did not translate to successful ratings.

As of the past ten years, CBS and the Big Brother producers have only brought former contestants back in seasons dominated by rookie players. Last season’s Big Brother 19 was heavily criticized for bringing back Big Brother 18 fan favorite and finalist Paul Abrahamian with a group of sixteen naive newbies. While Abrahamian’s return made for a dull season (albeit, with an exciting finale), it kept ratings consistent for CBS.

We have since learned this week that CBS and executive producer Alison Grodner have no interest in deviating from what is looked at as a reliable format for the series.

Hoping to repeat the critical reception of Big Brother 14 and Big Brother 18, Big Brother 20 will feature four to eight returning players to create the biggest cast to date. Over thirty-five former contestants had been contacted as early as January of 2017 for the upcoming season. Some of the names who were contacted but rejected the offer include Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby, two-time finalist Dan Gheesling, Big Brother 18 lovebirds Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel, and Celebrity Big Brother runner up Ross Matthews.

We have it on good authority that some of those who had answered the call and were included in Big Brother 20 casting as of this past week include: Mike “Boogie” Malin (Big Brother 2, Big Brother All-Stars, Big Brother 14), Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3, Big Brother All-Stars), Hayden Moss (Big Brother 12), Ian Terry (Big Brother 14), Vanessa Rousso (Big Brother 17), Alex Ow (Big Brother 19), and Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 18, Big Brother 19).

Whether or not any of them make the final cut is another story, as the producers have been known to change both casting and themes days before the launch.