The Mutual Benefits of Collaboration

“It’s a relief to find someone you enjoy working with. Unfortunately sometimes the only way to know if you like working with someone is when you actually do it.”


The Haunting Tones of Little John and The Avalanche

“…it is evident that through acoustic elements, harmonies, groovy bass, and even flute, the duo (Anthony Martel, Connor Carson) can be classified under the genre of ‘cold folk,’ with their mature songs of adulthood and love, and sounds that are similar to Keaton Henson and Bon Iver. “

The Act of Paying Homage

“There is the counter-argument that some may call it ‘stealing;’ that writers and directors who take from films before them are being unoriginal. I believe the act of paying homage lies in the intention of the filmmaker, artist, or even more broadly, creator.”