“I’m still the heathen it represents, but now I’m a sober, happy heathen.”


Stay Angry

“The bad thing is here and action will be required, so learn to focus your anger and use it for good.”

I’ve Become Radicalized

“America, and by that I mean the United States because America is much bigger and full of non-US residents, was never great, but these kids deserve to grow up in a place that’s less divisive, less stupid, less racist and sexist and homophobic. “

Why I Love Lovey Banh

“There are too many authors out there calling what they do their “craft.” There are too many wordslingers with annoying author pages on Facebook, too many word count statuses, and too many people celebrating the release of their latest homemade, limited edition poetry chapbook. Then along comes author Lovey Banh and shatters the world.”