“Crying Spells: rituals of bone, blood, and sorrow” Poems by Bethany Moore

Bethany Moore


You see, it’s all the same.

My own company is my curse

when limbs and hearts are wont

to wrap around me


The natural inclination

of anima

is law.

I shouldn’t be so afraid

and appalled.

I should factor this into

my ascension.

Not expect every fruit tree

to be free of poison.

Not expect every bloom

to emit a sweet


The slithering continues,

the beast begins to sing,

a hiss, a rattle,

A tree, an apple.

Clinging to the tree,

is it the snake

or me?


a head of dark hair, a head of dark hair

the things we have in common, a head of dark hair

pushed down to the ground with a boot to my back,

and she, in the ditch, same boot to her face

those boots, that hat, his hands, his face,

his belt, black eyes, and a head of dark hair

again on my back and a hand to my neck

but I say I don’t care about the pain

and I say it again, and again, and again,

to the hand that belongs to a head of dark hair

the things we have in common, a head of dark hair,

I fell in love with the devil and fell asleep in his bed,

next to a head of darkness,

a head of dark hair, a head of dark hair,

these things we have in common;

a head of dark hair

There he is, legs

standing over you

and there he goes, standing

ready in his pose

and you’re begging and pleading and crying

and trying

to resist, to escape, his head of dark hair

And I got away, but you, you stayed,

you could not go, no, no, no,

trapped and alone, turning to stone

entranced by his cold, black stare,

this devil with a head of dark hair

Crying Spells: Rituals of Bone, Blood, and Sorrow on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1731536941/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1

Bethany Moore is a poet, practicing witch, and cannabis activist, and enjoys the study of healing, alchemy, and ritual work. She is also a singer and lyricist, and produced an album in 2013 called Witchrock by producer Burntsystems.

In the early 2000s, she participated in spoken-word poetry circles in Washington, D.C., and currently manages multimedia and communications projects at the National Cannabis Industry Association, including hosting a weekly podcast on CannabisRadio.com.

She self-published her two debut books of poems within weeks of each other in September and October of 2016. Her most recent book, published October 2017, is a short-story, dark fairytale about a Witch and her quest for love titled “A Witch’s Tale: the taming of a daemon.” Her 2018 poetry collection was published in November as the title “Crying Spells: rituals of bone, blood, and sorrow.”


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