Poetry: For Every Riot We Hold Two Parties by Silvia La Rote


Silvia La Rote


Last night, I drank Pound and read Russian

beer. We like to domesticate rocks and turn

them into cement as we turn them into bricks. Bricks can be used

to build or destroy, our hands have choices. A hand must choose.


I got drunk and dreamt of Pound again. His yodel

must have been a brick. Did you hear

the one about the banker who found out his wife was dying?

Of course not, bankers do not have mothers. They tell


the rest of the world: we’re going to live fine.

We will not forget this since we cannot ignore

our misery much longer. Bricks


and drums

and more drums


carry us through

the molotov sky.


We have no need

to remember anything


other than our reality. The luster


of rain recedes quicker under

a crown-less earth. It is over the old

black street it is over the edge

of sleep and awake. We will not forget this.


Silvia La Rote is an anarcha poet, mixed media artist, & organizer in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has appeared in the Feminist Wire, La Galeria, Moonchild Magazine, NYMBM, Five2One Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine among others. Her first book of poetry was published by ANC press. You can find her second book of poetry at lulu.com/spotlight/silvialarote and her artworks at instagram.com/slaroteart Much of her ranting can be found on twitter.com/slarote too.


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