Poetry: Insurrectionary Flower by Silvia La Rote


Silvia La Rote


Insurrectionary Flower


It begins here, in the wild. Setting

the stage: the water monsters call

softly in the pink air cups of shine. Here,

a maiden’s face is held like a pearl,

a fire under his furnace. She smiles and her

smile is the aim of a witch, it determines

the future, an outcry, its un-gloved hand.

These women do, these witches do, brewing

all returns to this pond at the end of the world

the Hydrangeas unfold into tiny holy stars



Silvia La Rote is an anarcha poet, mixed media artist, & organizer in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has appeared in the Feminist Wire, La Galeria, Moonchild Magazine, NYMBM, Five2One Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine among others. Her first book of poetry was published by ANC press.  You can find her second book of poetry at lulu.com/spotlight/silvialarote and her artworks at instagram.com/slaroteart Much of her ranting can be found on twitter.com/slarote too.




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