Poetry: 4 Horrifying Poems by Devin Aeh Canary





Lights out


she’s on the floor


afraid of the ghosts

she started hearing them

soon after he died

the bill collectors came

to reclaim the furniture

now she has nothing

to hide behind




emergency evacuation


whisper girl


think up a lie

to explain away the new

black and blue

beauty marks


was he drunk this time?


It is a monster who lives here

in your home and in your heart


when he wakes up

we must be far from here

so now

we must run






phantom footsteps



the air is not warm

so i shrink inside

my extra large hooded sweatshirt

shove my fists in my pockets

and feel around for your hands

out of habit

even though i know

you are not

behind me

or beside me

or waiting for me back at the house

watching out the window

as i run for my life






My dreams are wasted

running up and down the aisles of the mental health section

of an overpriced book store

an employee follows me around helplessly

we both know he is supposed to say “How can I help you?”

but he has no face


My waking hours too

chasing you


through imaginary highs and


that are all too real





Devin Aeh Canary is the co-founder of Canary Acres Animal Sanctuary. Devin is a wannabe witch who believes that words, spoken or written, can be magic spells that alter someone’s existence, for just a minute or for much longer. She believes poetry is powerful… poetry is witchcraft. Her first poem will soon be published in the Halloween issue of Bone and Ink. You can find her on instagram as devin_canary.




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