5 Exceptional Horror films




There is a chill running deep within you. Not over you, not through you, in you. A sense of intoxicating anticipation pulls every thought towards what may yet happen. Overwhelming confusion with a sense of trauma lingers over what has already been seen.

That is horror, that is what so many mainstream movies from the west lack. A good jump scare certainly has its place but if that is all that awaits, then spare me the waste.

These are 5 movies that you may, or may not, have hear of. This is not a list of the best or top selling. But they are unique, horrifying, and dare to scare like so few do. And no spoilers ahead.


1) I saw the Devil



Korean director Kim Jee-woon. A man who’s name you really should take note of, truly out does himself. This unique peace introduces us to Kim Soo-hyeon. A detective, and a man who will have the love of his life taken by the hands of a Kyung-chul. Played by Lee Byung-Hun and Choi Min-sik respectfully, these two men carry their characters with a drive and ambiance that is at best, unsettling. So much so that long after the movie is done, Kyung-chul’s smile will still be omnipresent.


2) Switchblade Romance



Directed by Alexandre Aja, a French men. His work is a bit of an obsession of mine. Here in Switchblade Romance Aja sets the scene of a picturesque French back drop. A loving family and honestly, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve been tricked into watching a French love story. Then we take a hard left into a suspense that will leave you wishing you never hear another door bell. From Cécile de France as Marie, to Philippe Nahon as and his living nightmare of a performance as Le Tueur (The Killer). If you intend on being an active member of society the day you watch this, then may I suggest watching it before bed? I promise it will lead to a French country side slumber.


3) A Tale of Two Sisters



We find ourselves back in the warm and loving arms of Kim Jee-woon with this 2003 release. With this addition to our collective subconscious, Jee-woon spends little time building any fluff for the purpose of narrative drive. He does not try to fool you into thinking you’re watching a romcom. From the opening logo to the end, he leaves you regretting your need to know. He leaves you, as he has left me, a little less sane then when you started. This is how tension can be built and held firm for an entire run time.


4) Crossland



Now here is an indie film directed by Mumtaz Yildirimlar. Released in 2013 and followed by his horror film, My Guardian Angel in 2016. The passion from its two leads, Joanna Bool as Emma and Daniel Garcia as Jason such that one tends to forget the set issues made due to budget. It’s a story of a man who wanders where he doesn’t belong. He meets a girl and makes, intentionally or not, horribly nightmarish decisions. To be fair, the plot is thin. The acting outside our two main characters is dry, and lacks the production value of most others on the list. But it does take some few interesting directions and for a true horror lover. There are things we can learn, both good and bad, from this run in the woods. Hopefully we will get another addition to the story in 2019.


5) Baskin



This Turkish horror film can be best described as an heir to the work of Lucio Fulci. Directed by Can Evrenol with Ergun Kuyucu as our sudo-protagonist and a heart stopping performance by Mehmet Cerrahoglu as Baba. A film which leaves you confused, and unabashedly disturbed, Baskin takes so many twists and turns that you’d be forgiven for taking more than one viewing to fully understand it. Truly, if you’re looking to see a movie with uncommon but refreshing drive, this is one to take some friends too.



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