Daniel Knauf ‘Cape May’ LIMITED EDITION Alternate Cover of Noho Gloaming

CLASH Books is excited to announce an alternate cover for Daniel Knauf’s debut poetry collection NOHO GLOAMING AND THE CURIOUS CODA OF ANTHONY SANTOS, inspired by the ‘Cape May’ episode he wrote for The Blacklist. This edition is limited to 200 copies and will also be signed by the author himself.

Edition available exclusively at clashbooks.com


noho gloaming cover (2)






From the creator of Carnivàle and writer/executive producer of Blacklist, comes a poetry collection from a cult-icon. Daniel Knauf brings the darkness and surrealism fans have grown to love, but brings a vulnerability and intimacy that makes each poem memorable and enjoyable. It is noir with heart and a coda for the soul. Darkness and light vying for dominance in poems that go from personal and confessional to rambunctiously fantastical. A heady dive into the abyss of love and other monsters. Daniel Knauf is a true storyteller.




“Written as a soul song for longing, Knauf’s collection is both a dream and an awakening.”

-Stephanie M. Wytovich, Bram Stoker Award Winning author of Brothel


“In Daniel Knauf’s two-part composition of poetry, the first passage is a kaleidoscope of the landlocked in endless roles, trying to believe in true love/magic while submerged in self-destruction & redemption. The coda is more than curious, it’s an adrenaline rush, a noir dance of the impossible, delivered straight-up in a splintered glass.”

—Linda D. Addison, Award Winning author of “How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend” and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


Knauf’s poetry is cinematic, creating vast landscapes and scenes, on bridges, between land and sky. The multitude of characters create a rich, nonlinear story that mimics our memories, and our moments, and intertwines various worlds and moods, from all-consuming love, loneliness, superheroes, mythology, texting, technology, and Dante. Knauf is at his best when he is both direct and also strangely surreal.”

-Joanna C. Valente, author of Marys of the Sea, Sexting Ghosts, and the editor of A Shadow Map: Writing by Survivors of Sexual Assault


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