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Shit Luck by Tiffany Scandal opens on a bad week. Your life has collapsed. After losing your job, your rental car, and even your hair in a series of disastrous events, it seems that things can’t get any worse. That is, until a night of partying ends in your murder, and a stranger becomes a slasher villain who follows you into the afterlife.

After the protagonist of Shit Luck is killed, she wakes up in a similar reality with a very familiar setting. The twist is that the rules of the afterlife are completely different. There are many worlds rolled into Shit Luck’s twisted universe. In one world you can only walk laterally. In another, you can only crabwalk laterally. Yes, things go from bad, to worse, to downright absurd. There’s the death, then the protagonist materializes in an alternate dimension where weird stuff happens, dies again, reemerges in another dimension where more weird stuff happens, dies again. The worlds become progressively weirder, and the fun builds like a roller coaster climbing the tracks before plummeting down a spiral of slaughter.

The process of repeated death creates a cool layering effect, where instead of traveling forward or backward, the protagonist moves sideways, and in some ways comes full circle. The slasher stalker develops an obsession to continue pursuing the protagonist into the afterlife and continue killing her. The protagonist tries to outfox the killer, but can never escape. The book is written in second person, so as you read, it’s like you are dying over and over, which makes it all the weirder. Reincarnation has never been so violent, yet so comical at the same time.

The “You” of Shit Luck shows a wide variety of emotions over a continuous background of melancholy confusion. It’s a unique mood that Scandal captures perfectly; the sense of purgatorial lingering that can shift and grow worse at a moment’s notice. Make no mistake though; This book is hilarious. There is underlying humor that subtly creeps up throughout the book and in some of the wildest scenes. The chapter titled, ‘The Red Bedding,’ in particular, will have you laughing and cringing and relishing in the wild and wonderful world(s) that Scandal has created.

Shit Luck is a darkly-humorous time-looping comedy, tucked inside an eccentric horror tale. It is a fast-paced death tornado of serial killers, banana peels, and period blood that will suck you in, and never let go. Fun, frightening, and playful, Shit Luck has it all. Its absurdist charm and striking scenes could easily be turned into a cult film, and hopefully, one day that will happen. But until then, grab a copy of the book, and get drawn into the never-ending vortex of the afterlife.


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