2018 NFL Draft Erotica

On The Cock: An NFL Draft Slash Piece by Many De Sandra

Mel Kiper Jr. looked down at his notebook and turned to his ‘big board’. For months he had studied photos of young men rating their strength, agility, and size understanding that even a half of an inch could make all the difference in the draft.

His rival Todd McShay sat across from him staring at his Top 32 focusing on a picture of Josh Allen’s broad shoulders and 6’5 frame. He looked into the picture’s eyes and saw greatness. His heart told him that Ryan was a special young man and any team would be lucky to have him behind center.

The two men’s intense focus of all the young chiseled bodies stopped when the green room door opened up, and the two rivals looked up at ESPN producer Sal Marini. He adjusted his headset and said, “Hey guys. The makeup girl will be in with ya in like 15 minutes; she’s doing Berman’s hair right now.”

“That won’t take long.” Said a snarky McShay.

Kiper chucked and said, “Yeah, tell Berman he is going to see Josh Allen fall faster than his hair did in 95′.”

“LOL as these kids say. Alright you two, don’t kill each other till Tiffany gets in here to make you boys look pretty for the bright lights…alright, we’ll be on the clock soon, take care.”

Sal Marini closed the door to the green room. The two men were left alone with their thoughts. They sat erect in their make up chairs while pretending the other one was not there. The hatred between the football analysts produced a silence and an unkempt sweat that fell off Mel Kiper’s perfectly gelled hair; his acne scars were hidden but his disdain for Todd McShay was shown in the snarl when the two caught each other’s eyes.

Kiper wiped the sweat off his brow and kept his eyes locked on McShay, “I hope the make up girl can hide the red in your face when you realize what a bust Josh Allen will be.”

McShay stood up from his chair, “You are wrong Kiper. You have no idea what a great man is; Allen is a great young man.”

“You are telling me Allen is great; what is great about him? He has no experience and lacks the It factor…and he is timid in the pocket.”

“Bullshit! He is young, strong, and tall. He can grow into something hard…”

“He is just a thicker Jay Cutler, stong, flashy, and foolish…”

“Which shows he can take a hit; he can take a hard one and get up. He’ll always be standing tall in the pocket.”

“He has no pocket presence and I must say he doesn’t seem that smart.”

“He majored in Biology!”

“He’s just some dumb kid who shouldn’t even be drafted before Rosen”

McShay jumped out his chair. Kiper mirrored his action as both stood in alpha posture.

McShay shook his head and screamed, “No! That is insane, Rosen’s already peeked; already on the decline. No room to grow into something big”

Kiper inched closer, his chest out and said, “You have no idea the value of experience you fucking stupid kid.”

McShay got up in his face and said, “Well then show me old man, show me he is not another weak Weinke.”

“I’ll show you right here, you little fuck.” Kiper then grabbed his shirt like he was going to punch him, but stopped; the men looked into each other’s eyes and felt something that they could not resist. All these years of tension unraveling into this moment.

Kiper threw off his glasses, brought McShay to his chest, and kissed him as hard as the erection he felt in his dress pants; he held him closer and then brought him to the floor the way Bradley Chubb took down big defensive linemen. Kiper’s hair was now wild and messy like a 2011 Tom Brady. He ripped off McShay’s clothes and tossed them aside like they were worthless seventh-round picks as both men traded up into each other’s arms.

Kiper grabbed his hard thick cock, put it on McShay’s face, and directed, “Take that cock the way the Giants are going to take Saquon Barkley!

“Yeah, its thick and strong just like him, take this Bradley Chubb and choke on it,” said McShay.

“Yeah suck it like that, oh yeah, in and out. Faster!”

“Mentor me, take me! I can take it!”

Kiper smiled as McShay bent over and said, “Well, my little Baker; you are in Mayfield of dreams.”

Kiper parted McShay’s legs. There was a snap as he penetrated the defense of McShay. He started slow with screens and head fakes but then he went deep.

“Oh yeah!” Moaned Kiper, “Oh, yeah this tight end is the highest grade I’ll give this class! It is better than the 83′ quarterback class!”

“Oh yeah! Don’t stop, my ass is The 40 and your cock is Derwin James.”

He went faster and faster as seconds passed into minutes until the end zone was reached and Kiper screamed, “Oh, I’m ready to bust!”

“Oh yeah, bust big. Give me a huge bust!”

Kiper took his cock out, turned McShay around to his erect throbbing dick, and screamed, “I’m going to Ryan Leaf all over your face!”

He then came all over McShay and on the last drop the door flew open; the make up woman walked in, she stared in shock at the two men, and said, “You are on the…cock.”


Mandy De Sandra is poor woman’s Chuck Tingle and a living chaos magick spell. You can buy her books here.


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