Go Summon Lucifer & See What Happens


“Leza and I talked about magic, writing, psychedelics, and hangover remedies. It was a total blast! Drink through it!”

J David Osborne




This episode blew my mind. JDO talked about astral temples, the alien encounter under the influence of San Pedro Cactus aka mescaline that changed his life forever, traveling to Seul, South Korea, how he treats his depression & enriches his life with regular shroom & LSD usage. JDO is a writer, publisher of Broken River Books, editor, & podcaster host of The JDO Show & this visit was a real treat. We drank some beers & let the conversation go where it wanted to. Join us for this wild trip down the mystical psychotropic rabbit hole!

JDO on Get Lit With Leza

The JDO Show





JDO showing me the cosmic egg tattoo that he got because of a vision he had of his grandmother leaving this world in a geodesic egg that was getting catapulted into the afterlife to be reincarnated.


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