For God’s Sake, Someone Give Kassius Ohno a Pair of Pants

Drew Buxton

Ahead of their main event match, Adam Cole smugly dismissed Kassius Ohno’s chances against him. He even told the rest of The Undisputed Era to stay behind, that he didn’t need their back up. He was right. He beat Ohno clean. Ohno has been more or less jobbing for the last six months. He’s a good worker but his gimmick is shit. He’s in desperate need of a reboot and a pair of pants. The basketball jersey-briefs combo is not a good look, especially for a big man. He looks like an overgrown teenager who just came from watching cartoons on his mom’s couch.

Last night we got our first real payoff in the Gargano-Ciampa feud. Like he has for the past few weeks, Ciampa comes out to address the crowd. He actually speaks this time, screaming “He’s Gone!” to the crowd’s chants of “John-ny Wrestling!” Again he walks around ripping their signs out of their hands. But wait! One of the fans behind the signs is none other than Johnny Gargano! Chaos ensues! I really like how they’ve slow-cooked this build-up. There are a lot of fun directions they can go with Gargano finding different ways to elude security to get a piece of Ciampa.

Other Things That Happened:

-Sadly there will be no Moustache Mountain in the Dusty Rhodes Classic due to Tyler Bate succumbing to injury. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne have come together to form their replacement. They beat two dudes and will face Sanity next week in the semis.

-Teaser for Ricochet’s debut

-Amber Moon beat Aliyah handily

-Andrade “Cien” Almas cut a promo on Aleister Black. His English has a ways to go, but NXT is the place to work out the kinks.


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