Rick Pitino Starts Health Care Company

By Rick Pitino


Hello, I am college basketball legend and star of Blue Chips, Rick Pitino.

Have you lost faith in our health care system? Do you have medical bills piling up? Do you need money for health care?

Well then the Rick Pitino Health Plan may be right for you. I can provide you up to 3,000 dollars cash for health care.

So how do you qualify for Rick Pitino’s Health Plan?

Simple, all you have to do is have sex with me for 15 seconds.

That’s it! I don’t last long. This offer will not last long as I am unemployed and running out of money, so go to www.freehealthinsuranceisnotwalkingthroughthatdoor.com to sign up.

With my health care plan, you’re going to get better. Anybody who doesn’t take advantage of this incredible offer is a fool.


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