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This year Oscars telecast figures to be pretty boring, so lets spice things up a bit by placing some online wagers! Odds courtesy of Bovada. Odds are subject to change.

Note – Who Should Win is who I think should personally win the category.

Best Odds means you have the best chance of making the most $$$ on this wager.


Sam Rockwell -300
Willem Dafoe plus +300
Richard Jenkins +1000
Christopher Plummer +1500
Woody Harrelson +3300

Who Should Win – Richard Jenkins
Best Odds – Richard Jenkins + 1000

I thought the Academy was going to give Plummer the Oscar because they love to give it to old guys that have never won it, except for Hal Holbrook who should have won it 10 years ago for Into the Wild. I did some research and it turns out he won 7 years ago for some movie about which I Don’t Give A FUCK. Jenkins, one of the great American actors, finally gets his Oscar, just like JK Simmons did a few years ago with Whiplash. I would put the cost of a Dimebag on Woody Harrelson though at +3300


Allison Janey -300
Laurie Metcalf +800
Mary J. Blige +1500
Lesley Manville +3300
Octavia Spencer +5000

Who Should Win – Laurie Metcalf
Best Odds – Laurie Metcalf +800

This could be the first sign of Lady Bird dominance in the Oscars and Metcalf is worthy first time Oscar winner. Warning, if the Academy is looking to avoid a total whitewash, they could do it with this category by giving the Oscar to Octavia Spencer or that rapper chick.


Gary Oldman -2000
Timothee Chalamet +900
Daniel Day Lewis +1500
Daniel Day Kaluuya + 1800
Denzel Washington +3000

Who Should Win – Gary Oldman
Best Odds – Gary Oldman -2000

Denzel gets the spot that would have gone to James Franco had he not been such a despicable human being. Bet $20 on Oldman and go buy yourself an EGG ROLL.


Frances McDormand – 600
Saoirse Ronan +450
Sally Hawkins +900
Margot Robbie +4000
Meryl Streep +4500

Who Should Win – Frances McDormand
Best Odds – Saoirse Ronan +450

Are we starting to see a pattern here? Me too. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen Three Billboards but Frances McDormand should have at least 2 Oscars. Sally Hawkins really deserves to win and The Shape of Water deserves to sweep every category.


Guillermo Del Toro -300
Christopher Nolan +275
Greta Gerwig +700
Jordan Peele +2500
Paul Thomas Anderson +6000

Who Should Win – Guillermo Del Toro
Best Odds – Greta Gerwig +700

Get Out was very well done and Jordan Peele deserves to be nominated, but come on, this clearly should be a two horse race between Paul Thomas Anderson and Guillermo Del Toro. PTA will continue to be treated the way Martin Scorsese was treated for 3 decades. Del Toro could join Mexican contemporaries Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Alfonso Cuaron as worthy Oscar winners but I have the feeling the Academy is looking to make a statement this year.


The Shape of Water -110
Three Billboards +140
Lady Bird +750
Get Out +2500
Dunkirk +2500
The Post +3300
Call Me By Your Name +5000
Darkest Hour +6600
Phantom Thread +10000

What Should Win – The Shape of Water
Best Odds – Lady Bird +750


The Film Cricket has a Masters in Film Studies from CUNY Graduate Center. You can contact him on Twitter @afilmcricket



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