UNC Beats Duke, Commentary from Rickie V

By Filmcricket 

Hey everybody, Rickie V here, the illegitimate son of college basketball legend Dick Vitale! He met my mom when she was working at Porcini, he didn’t even bother to take her home. I was conceived right there in the restaurant, just like Rick Pitino’s illegitimate son! Little Ricky Pitino paid for the abortion baby, with a capital A!



I was in Chapel Hill for the first Duke/Carolina game of the season! I got backstage baby! It was awesome baby, except for the pre-game spread, the cold cuts were larger than the slices of bread! I want large bread baby! It was a catastrophe, with a capital C!

I was hoping to see my father Dickie V at the game but he wasn’t there! ESPN doesn’t send him to the big games anymore! Shame on you ESPN! I just wanna talk to my dear ol dad! Hes too busy sharing his delivery pizza with The Schwab! That’s my delivery pizza! What about me daddy? Why don’t you love me papa? Why daddy why?!

That’s not delivery, its DiGornio, baby!


Duke/Carolina! The Dean Dome! The greatest rivalry in all of sports! Duke is once again one of top teams in the nation this year, good thing for Carolina this game wasn’t at Cameron Indoor, those Cameron Crazies are crazy baby! Speaking of crazy, I once saw a video of a Duke girl fucking a german shepherd! It was on Kazaa baby! With a capital K!

March Madness is next month baby! I’m so excited, until then, this is Rick Vitale, I will see you outside Prime 112!


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