Grammy Ratings Dip to 9 Year Low as People Grow Tired of Hollywood Liberals

In an unsurprising turn of events, the 2018 Grammy Awards — following suit with last year’s Academy Awards, the most recent Golden Globes and Emmy’s, and all of ESPN and the NFL — suffered a significant drop in viewership from the previous year because… everybody already knows what to expect from Hollywood during these live events. 

The Grammy Awards suffered a 24% decline in the ratings from last year, after holding steady viewership for the past six years.

Over the past two years, especially, there has been a notable decline in live programming — such as the award ceremonies mentioned above and the now overly politicized ESPN network and National Football League. The Emmy’s most notably hit a landmark low in September with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert at the helm.

It’s almost like a growing percentage of the country is becoming less interested in listening to overbearing political opinions, especially when espoused from the wealthy–and ever so hypocritical–mouths of famous Californians.

It seems as if it is going to take a while before Hollywood executives realize that getting an impassioned draw from one loyal sector of the spectrum does not mean that you are opening yourself up to new avenues of viewership. On the contrary, its turning away new viewers and those tuning in that are bound in similar outrage or political alignment to become exhausted from the desperate cries and rants of America’s out-of-touch 1%, all of whom believe that the sky is falling.

I can’t wait until next year when they announce that wheeling out Hillary Clinton has become an annual Grammy staple.


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