YouTube Red Making Biopic About Comedian Patrice O’Neal Starring EatDatPussy445

With the ongoing popularity of Netflix and Hulu streaming services, YouTube Red is making a move to compete and be taken seriously as a streaming network. Seeing the recent success and wave of comedian centered television and film programs, YouTube Red will be a producing a Biopic about late great comedian Patrice O’Neal.

Looking for talent on their network, YouTube has picked popular vlogger EatDatPussy445 for the starring role.



Executive Producer Robert Smallsstein said, “Even though EDP455 has said, YouTube is a bunch of b*tch ass n**gas that can eat nacho cheese off my mother f%^ing sweaty ball sack… we still believe it’s that attitude that truly captures the spirit of Patrice and Mr. 445 has 250,000 subscribers. Our algorithm made the decision and we trust the algorithm.

Shooting is supposed to start after the Super Bowl. We asked EatDatPussy445 about starring in the Patrice YouTube Red Biopic and he answered, “This movie is going to suck some big ass f%$king d%^k, but they paying me finally, cause those nerds have demonetized all my mother f$%king videos. Nothing gonna change, I’m already a YouTube star and I’m still jerking off to Tubegalore. I don’t give a fuck about this movie, I just want the Eagles to beat the Pats but you know the Refs be sucking Brady’s model p^%sy drenched d^&k, so they gonna lose. At least I’ll have some stupid shit to do before football season starts…man I gotta take a shit.”



It’s exciting times in the streaming world and here at CLASH Media we can’t wait for this new film.

Go Eagles!


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