Andrew Goldfarb on Get Lit With Leza


“Leza and I took a strange and wonderful journey together. We got on board a dark ride at a sinister carnival and passed through animatronic swamp scenes into a shit-filled sewer of rotting remains, but eventually found ourself on the other side of Niagara Falls in an existential realm where everything lives forever.”

Andrew Goldfarb


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I talked to Andrew Goldfarb, who is a writer, artist, & musician. His one man band The Slow Poisoner is something I would describe as Voodoo Rockabilly. I saw him live at BizarroCon & it was like a hypnotic spell. From then forward I was convinced he was a snake charmer with music. He also sold me a magic potion that was labelled ‘Health Tonic’ which I bought & asked him what was in it. He told me it was a mystery. I drank it anyway & it actually cured my severe last day of BizarroCon hangover. On this episode we talked about all things grotesque, surreal, profound & hilarious. I had a fabulous time. Andrew is one hell of a magic man. Join us on this very special episode of Get Lit With Leza! 🙂




Andrew Goldfarb is a multi-mediumistic artist of the fanciful and macabre. He performs as the Slow Poisoner one man band, draws a comic strip called Ogner Stump, writes an advice column for PORK magazine, and paints laughing hyenas and zombified Elvises on black velvet. He’s also written five Bizarro book for Eraserhead Press, the latest being “Midnight Earwig Buffet.”



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