JOBS! JOBS, JOBS: Stormy Daniels Another Trumponomics Success Story

As the DOW reaches another high, Trump proves once again that he is truly the jobs president. While stats and figures can be manipulated and we wait for the trickle down aspect of Trumponomics to take effect, we are starting to see some great examples of real Americans benefiting from his polices.

Adult film star, Stormy Daniels, known for her well-endowed chest, was suffering under the awful policies of Obama. It was so bad she turned to porn, but in 2016 Donald Trump personally invested $130,000 in her. He might have cheated on his wife with her, but the facts show that he was testing out the benefits of Trumponomics on her. A dry run of a much bigger future plan. People might think Trump is rash and hotheaded, but this act shows that he is also a very caring and considerate person who plans far ahead for things that can help other people. Paying off a porn star might seem like a selfish act to protect his own reputation, but there is a deeper story behind the story.




She is now rich and even her old movies are getting new views. Her website and brand is exploding into the mainstream. Without Donald Trump, she might just be another forgotten adult film star, but thanks this great president she will keep the money she is making and become a job creator just like our president.




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