SELF-LOVE, The Art of Intentional Masturbation

By Justine De Sade 

Warning: Experiment with these practices at your own risk.

People usually masturbate without any deliberation. Even though you may habitually indulge in elaborate fantasies of endless romantic scenarios during long winter nights, we often lack actual intent.

Such an evolutionary leap in human sexuality has been referred to as “self-love” by occult revivalist and prolific artist, Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956). Decades later, Genesis Breyer P. Orridge reintroduced this revolutionary concept when s/he founded Thee Temple Ov Psychic Youth in 1981. T.O.P.Y. was based on the idea of self-love. For 23 months, on the 23rd hour of the 23rd day of the month, the individual was to create a sigil (a self-created symbol, representing a result of will or desire). Using two hairs (pubic hair and hair from the head) and three liquids (spit, blood and cum/koum/ov), these elements give energy to the sigil. Gen, with hir masturbatory network called TOPY, made obvious the link between self-love and masturbation.

Self-love is essentially the magickal art of discovering, exploring and manifesting your innermost desires, both carnal and spiritual. In The Book of Pleasure sub-titled The Psychology of Ecstasy (first published in 1913) Austin Osman Spare gives a precise yet cryptic definition of his formulaic psychosexual practice.

Self-Love (is) a mental state, mood or condition caused by the emotion of laughter becoming the principle that allows the Ego appreciation or universal association in permitting inclusion before conception.

The absolute realization of such an elated state of being is the result desired. In its most simplistic form it reflects the age-old idea of “You can’t love anybody else until you love yourself.” Duality becomes unity. Ideally, desire is no longer just a mere act of whim, but transcends to an extension of Will. Upon this achievement, environment conforms in accordance with Will, which comes effortlessly. This is the sought outcome of libido fulfillment.

Self-love in complete perspective, serves its own invincible purpose of ecstasy. It suffers no hurt, neither does it labour. –The Book of Pleasure A.O. Spare

Within the primal depths of the human psychosexual complex dwells the occult language of Desire. This language has been adumbrated using symbolic glyphs, magical seals or sigils, strange and barbarous words, etc. throughout the history of the occult. Austin Osman Spare invented an applicable system, which allows individuals to determine their own version of this latent language. Spare termed this the “Alphabet of Desire.” Since the practitioner solely devises this alphabet, it is uniquely separated from most sex magick symbol systems.

One of the ways to create an Alphabet of Desire is to list your personal dualities. For example: Love, Hate; Pleasure, Pain; Elation, Depression; etc. Once you have done this, you then create a symbol or sigil for each side of your dualities. You can either draw what you feel this thought/feeling would look like symbolically or you can write the word and cross out the recurring letters, then combine them into a glyph. To illustrate, this is a sample sigil using the letters U, N, I, T, Y:




Sigilizing can be used for anything you wish to occur in your life and environment. Think of a sigil as being a servitor that is to carry out your Will or Desire. As a rudimentary illustration, if you wanted to get laid you could write out It is my will to get laid and then you cross out the recurring letters and create a sigil glyph.

With the aforementioned sentence, the remaining letters would be: SMYWGOLAD. This combination of letters formed as a sigil would look something like this:




Once you have figured out what letters remain, you can also transform the nonsensical phrase into a more rhythmic nonsensical phrase. For example: SMYWGOLAD could be OL WYMS DAG instead. This phrase can be used as a mantra to repeat as another way to plant the Desire at hand in the subconscious mind. Although it may be useful to formulate a mantra, it is not imperative.

After you have made a sigil, you energize it, preferably while masturbating. Although, you can use any method you can think of to give a sigil energy. Be it meditating on it while you piss after you’ve held it to the point of pain, when you’re tired, when you feel pleasure, when you feel pain, etc. However, sexual energy is said to be the most potent.

When you have decided the sigil is sufficiently charged, you destroy it in the way you see fit. This can be done by burning it, tossing it into a body of water, burying it, etc. It is crucial that you completely and successfully forget about the entire operation afterward in order to manifest the desired results. Or at least so I’ve heard.

Spare preferred to experiment with what he called the Death Posture in combination with sex magick and sigilizing. The most common Death Posture is the position of standing on your tiptoes with arms out stretched vertically parallel above your head while you hold your breath. This induces a trance like state (what Spare named the “Neither-Neither realm”), which opens up your subconscious mind, allowing you to focus on sigils and attain innumerable illuminated states of awareness.

Anyone can sigilize and anyone can jerk off with intent. It helps to be disciplined in yoga or the occult, but it is not necessary. It isn’t even totally necessary to use sigils or any magickal implements if your imagination is vivid and your capacity to focus on one thing strong. Such is the beauty of self-love; it is accessible to any curious masturbator. So, next time you’re playing with yourself, think about something (obtainable) you want or someone (obtainable)




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