Fuck Your Flat Earth, I Want a Hallow Earth

By Sam Richard

Fuck your flat earth,
Numbskull Theory,
With no imagination.
I want a hallow earth.
The planet’s cavernous wound,
Writhing with ancient terrestrial creatures,
Unknowable and forgotten.
They evolved in darkness,
And the crushing weight,
Of the Earth’s cold center.
When we dig too deep,
Scorched skin and burning eyes,
Befall the creatures that reign below.
I want to go there,
Bringing back pieces,
Of them,
Of you,
Of us.
And in this ancestral house,
I will find peace.
All silent but the sound of,
Massive centipedes,
Slurping the gelatinous brains,
From the skulls of my companions
And for the first time,
The only time,
In this wretched and horrible life,
I will know,
I am home.


Sam Richard is the editor of Weirdpunk Books’, Zombie Punks Fuck Off anthology, as well as co-editor (with MP Johnson) of Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits and Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin. His writing has appeared in such varied publications as Splatterpunk Zine, Cvlt Nation, Profane Existence, The Pulse, and many others. He is available on any number of social media platforms.


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