Damn it Feels Good to be a Beach Sloth


Get Lit With Leza: Was Beach Sloth born on the beach?

Beach Sloth: It literally was. The picture I had on my blog for the longest time was just this rock that said ‘rock on’ & that was on the beach & I created the blog on the beach cause I was kinda like hanging around this campfire & I’m like wouldn’t it be crazy if I just reviewed random stuff on this like blogspot & just continued it forever & like I think my friends were just like that sounds really stupid but you should go for it & then here I am 7 years later still doing essentially the same thing. And the Twitter photo is of an orange cloud I saw while I was watching blonde redhead perform in the Brooklyn Bandshell somewhere & that was kind of around the same time. I don’t know I was feeling like particularly aimless & I thought a blog would give me direction but it kinda didn’t do that at all. It kinda made me more aimless.



Had a rad time talking to Beach Sloth, who also goes by his NYC realtor persona, Eric Baker (a profile very popular with British ppl). Both personas can be found on the internet. He is known as a writer, a reviewer, host of the Beachie Awards, and all round fun internet personality. He’s a really cool writer I met at AWP in LA two years ago. He might be going to next year’s AWP in Tampa, so if you wanna see him irl (since he keeps pictures of himself & his real name off the internet) that will be your chance. I will be doing a CLASH Books reading (probably in a park near the convention center) where he will be at if he goes. I think of him as a hipster Buddha. In his presence you feel a light emanating from him, I shit you not. I hope a little of it shines through on this podcast. We talked for like 2 hours. It is hard to stop talking to someone who keeps hitting you with strange insights about life & unexpected anecdotes (like his dumpster diving phase & giving a piggy back ride to Steve Roggenbuck). I had a great time talking to him & I hope you have as great a time listening to this episode of Get Lit With Leza 🙂








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