Young Republicans at TCU Crowdfund Party To Celebrate Tax Cut Bill

Though many TCU students are upset their football team lost to Oklahoma, the school’s Young Republicans chapter is in great spirits after the Senate passed the tax cut bill. Lacking a large enough group that agree with them, the group has started a crowdfunding campaign to hold a “Tax Cut Party 2017!!!”

Sadly, the three exclamation points don’t make up for the unpopularity of the party or its lack of attendees.¬†While many of the Christian liberals on campus find the bill to be an attack on the poor or are simply too upset to party after their tough loss to Oklahoma, the Young Republicans demand a party to celebrate this historic event.

“This is unfair and shows the campus bias to support conservatives,” said the Vice President of TCU Young Repubs. “We want to throw this party but we don’t have the funds and the college won’t give them. No one supports it and the cucks that run TCU want to know what the party is and that it would be fiscally irresponsible to throw a party only benefiting a few people…total bullshit. So we went online and told fellow conservatives that the Libs just want to censor and stop our party and they went ahead and paid the twenty grand. One guy said he didn’t have any money but he put it on his credit card just to own the Libs.”

We tried to seek comment from Political Science Graduate student and President of TCU Young Repubs but he had to seek a second job because of the deductions he will lose from the bill, so he was ot available for comment. Our sources say he won’t be able to make it to the party.


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