Patrick Bateman’s 90s Music Reviews: Everclear’s So Much for the Afterglow

Transcribed by Frank Koshel


You like the band Everclear? They’re earlier work was a little too grungy for my taste. It wasn’t until they signed to Capitol Records and released Sparkle and Fade in 1995 that they band truly began to come into their own, commercially and artistically. Singer-songwriter/guitar player Art Alexakis has been compared to Kurt Cobain but I think Art has a less bitter, cynical outlook on life.



Alexakis humanizes the users at the center of songs like “Santa Monica” and “Summerland”, which romanticize idealized locations that help shepherd addicts from the comfort and ennui of drugs to environments of sobriety. In 1997 Everclear released So Much for the Afterglow, their undisputed masterpiece. Father of Mine is an epic meditation on abandonment, it deepens and enriches the meaning of their previous two albums.

The brilliant ensemble playing of Alexakis, Eklund and Montoya really gives the songs, a big boost. “I Will Buy You a New Life” is the most moving rock song of the 1990s about desperation and relationships. The uplifting tone of the song represents how the singer hopes his desperate pleas for reconciliation are received by his estranged ex-girlfriend and the lyrics are as moving as anything I’ve heard in rock.



Withe music still playing in my head, I had lunch with ex-girlfriend at Darcey’s. We took a walk in the park and I thought of Everything to Everyone while I slammed her face against a birch trees. The blood danced on the tree reminding me of Pollock’s early work. A homeless man saw me. He was missing a leg so I broke the other one and then beat him to death with it. Then I went to Sam Goody and bought Savage Garden’s album.



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