Review of Netflix’s The Babysitter

This film just came out of nowhere. I had no real expectation but if Satan is involved I’ll give a film a go. Yes, it’s an overused trope but it’s my favorite overused trope. So I put on The Babysitter hoping it would be better than Netflix’s last goofy horror film, Little Evil, which wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great.

Well shit, props to Netflix because The Babysitter was pretty great. it balances the tough terrain of a horror comedy. It works because it is more a horror film than comedy, but has enough heart and more than enough laughs.




The nerdy beta boy protagonist horror staple, Cole, is an actual realized character and relatable. His parents are the best worst suburban parents possible. They are millennial parents and who give hand jobs while watching Mad Men. Outside of a bland overprotective home are neighborhood & school bullies who only know him as “pussy.”

The only good in his life is his babysitter. Samara Weaving steals the film playing the sexy cool girl who Gillian Flynn wrote about in Gone Girl letting men know everywhere that doesn’t exist, but yet she does to Cole, or so he thinks.




I want to write more but I don’t want to give much away, so I’ll stop there and say that all horror fans and fans of movies and hell even YA fans should make some time to watch it this weekend.






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