Congress Passes Bill That Members of MGTOW Cannot Be Sperm Donors

Congress is known these days for its gridlock, partisanship, and inefficiency but today they came together to pass a bill that members of MGTOW are banned from donating sperm. From liberals to arch-conservatives, every member of congress believes it is for the greater good that these men don’t reproduce.

“I am no feminist and I get these boys complaints about these man haters, but to give up women in general. Sounds like a cult of a bunch sissy boys,” said Senator DeMint and South Carolina

“Look I believe in personal choice and freedom, but if these men lack the skills and fortitude to date, we should not let them pass along their defective genes,” said Senator Rand Paul.

MGOTW are upset and are lighting up the boards on 4Chan and try to start a to get the bill overturned, but they lost focus when a leaked nude of Kaley Cucoco appeared on Reddit.

We were able to find an anonymous representative of MGTOW who shared his anger, “Once again, the feminist agenda is trying to make undesirable men obsolete. Since we don’t like Channing Tatum, we should just wiped off the face of the earth. These feminists are literal Hitlers to men.”

When we asked if he tried dating and the MGTOW member said, “Feminists have ruined dating and have taken all the jobs away. I’m left to find meaning in video games and not reproduce in protest, I’m like those monks that lit themselves on fire because of the cruelty of the world.”

Though not official yet because Trump hasn’t assigned the bill, a source as told CLASH Media the president said, “All these men are part of my base, but they’ll still vote for me if i sign it because they are the ultimate cucks and losers.”


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  1. carl

    Wow all this Idiot proves is that he is absolutely giant Attention whore! Every guy needs to know this jackass and remember him when hes broke and in jail.

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