Super Serious Internet Interview with Tiffany Scandal


Better art, Scandal the TV show or Tiffany Scandal?

Is that a question?


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Very Zen answer. Respect. Is it weird to be way less cool than your Grandma? Also, please tell your abuelita that night school is no longer a good place to meet guys.

Ugh. Totally. She went to my last reading in LA, sat in the front row, and fell asleep in front of the other readers. Such a baller move. Oh, and night school? Yeah, that’s old news. She knows that kids these days are using “Teender.”


Do you get jealous about my bromance with Michael Kazepis?

It’s kind of cute, actually.




Follow up question, the Internet troll of the now defunct Dirtbag Politics Facebook Group, Mike LeMay, said Michael Kazepis is a gayer than Jeff Burk. Can you confirm or deny these allegations?

I think it’s funny when someone can’t come up with a clever enough response, they throw the boring, “you’re gay.” Like it’s an insult. I’m gayer than both of those dudes.


What was it like to write your first self help book titled Shit Luck? Will you follow it up with another Self Help book titled Who Moved My Shit?

It was hard, but I’m glad it’s out there. I’m actually working on follow up, but this one focuses on the art of pulling out and avoiding pregnancy. It’s gonna be called “Fuck, I Did It Again.”



Please submit that to CLASH Books. On a more tragic note, My cat Khadija supported Trump; if I read her your anthology NASTY! will it help her see the truth about Trump?

The anthology actually isn’t about Trump. I wanted the focus to be on strong, fierce women who are not ashamed of who they are and what they do. If anything, this book might inspire Khadija to get down with her bad self and work on self love/acceptance.




In the esteemed contest to be mine and Leza’s favorite fellow writer couple, you and Kazepis are tied with Andrew Shaffer and Tiffany Reisz. What are you willing to do to break the tie and be our favorite writer couple?

I dunno. Come over sometime. Kazepis will cook and entertain you with nerdy banter while Leza and I practice magick and dance naked under the moonlight.




Let me put that in my Google Calendar. What was it like to have your first book There’s No Happy Ending optioned by Vivid Video for their hand job denial imprint?

That was actually pretty rad. So stoked that check cleared.


Please write a haiku about L7

“Got so much clit, she

don’t need no balls,” are my fave

L7 lyrics.



Respect. What do you have to plug and what are you working on now?

I have a short story in Word Horde’s Tales From a Talking Board, due out later this month. Also later this month, I’ll be dropping about a novelette about my kitty who passed away last year. This winter, King Shot Press is releasing Nasty! It’s the first anthology I’ve curated and edited, ever. So that’s pretty exciting. I’ll have a short story in the Tragedy Queens anthology by CLASH Books (out on Valentine’s Day). And sometime in the spring, my fourth book is slated to be released. But I should probably finish writing that soon. *shrug*

Apart from writing, there’s also modeling, photography, painting, and planning to escape the PNW.


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