90210 Writer Darren Star Still Not A Nobel Prize Winner

In tragic news today, the most prolific and important artist of the past two centuries, Darren Star, has still not won a Nobel prize. The writer and creator behind 90210, Younger, Sex & The City, and beloved Melrose Place once again faces a disappointing Nobel day. Darren really believed his latest hit “Younger” bringing up the issues of ageism, authenticity, and existential nature of writing and publishing.

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Though Darren Star has great respect for winner Kazuso Ishiguro he pointed out that, “Never Let Me Go was a flop even for an indie film, though I thought Keira Knightley¬†and the kid who played Spiderman were good in it. But come on, nothing Ishiguro wrote matches the scene of Kimberly taking off her wig or Miranda’s experience with analingus.”

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Star is currently hard at work on the next season of Younger but his under appreciated genius is fueling ideas of his next project. “I want to really go after the literary crowd, show them that I am just as good of a storyteller as Bob Dylan. That’s why I am going to do City on Fire the TV Series. It’s going to be my best work since Dylan took Brenda’s virginity. Watch your back Ishiguro, you are about to get starred!”



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