The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook: New Release From CLASH Books

CLASH Books is excited to bring you this collection of hilarious, Bizarro, Jewish humor horror stories, just in time to start buying those fun Hanukkah gifts!





Drop your dreidel and feast your eyes on the Anarchist Kosher Cookbook!


Maxwell Bauman’s debut collection of strange Jewish-themed stories will shock and entertain with a modern twist on burning bushes, virgin ghosts, leviathans, Baphomitzvahs, and how to create your own golem to fight off Neo Nazis. These stories transcend the mundane mashugana of life through page turning plots and memorable mensch and schmuck characters. The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook is the perfect Bubbe approved Chanukah gift. Get it now!




“Fresh, weird and funny. Bauman’s work is a genuine surprise.”

–Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls


“Ghosts trying to get laid, an “erotic” burning bush, forbidden love between sea monsters and more fill this collection of Torah-influenced bizarro, horror, and pulp fiction. You gotta dig any book that has a recipe for a skinhead-killing Golem.”

–Jeff Burk, editor of Deadite Press and author of Shatnerquake


“Maxwell Bauman’s writing is wacky and weird. The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook is a strange, surreal, and hilarious ride.”

–Danger Slater, author of I Will Rot Without You and DangerRAMA


“Maxwell Bauman is equal parts joke teller and doomsday prophet, and his stories transform the somber and ancient religion of Judaism into a bizarro sideshow of death and fire and very dignified giggling. Basically, he’s a real mensch.”

–David W. Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole and The Night’s Neon Fangs


“These stories are weird, punchy, often funny, often emotional, but never boring.”

— B. Diehl, author of Zellery’s Alley


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