Review of Queens of the Stone Age’s Villains


Feet Don’t Fail Me Now



I’m digging it, I’m digging this song a lot. This is better than half the tracks on Songs for the Deaf and that is my favorite rock album of this century. Damn, this rocks and grooves more than every new band in this decade. First song in and QOTSA can still claim to be the Kings of Rock N’ Groove.  Josh’s guitar and vocals are playful and confident, and the use of 80s synth adds to the unabashed fun of the track.  I don’t know if Josh is still sober, but it sounds like he’s getting a good high playing this song.


The Way You Used to Do



The guitar rift reminds me a little bit of Marilyn Manson’s campy goth rockabilly song, Mobscene, but with a little more groove and fun. I’ve heard this song plenty of times already and I still dig it. Solid single.


Domesticated Animals



Playing with Iggy shows its influence in this song.  The Stooges meets QOTSA once again with Josh singing. This is the follow up song to their collab and it makes me hope they do some more stuff together before Iggy dies.




This is the most pop star friendly song I’ve ever heard Josh write. I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t love it either. I honestly would have liked to give this to a female pop singer or if he did it with his wife. The song itself is pretty good but it just sounds weird with Josh singing it only himself. I honestly wonder if he wrote to sell but didn’t get any buyers. On side note, I would like to see Josh do a collab with a Selena Gomez or just do more stuff with PJ Harvey.


Head Like A Haunted House



Awesome song! Rocks and has an amazing vibe drawing from at least 5 different decades of music. If you said this is the best song on the album I wouldn’t agree but I wouldn’t argue with you. This is Josh and the band showing off and showing the kids how to rock the fuck out.


Un-Reborn Again



Great technoish blues rock. It reminds of me Mark Lanegan’s Blues Funeral and the song is great but it did make me miss Lanegan being a guest singer on the best QOTSA album. But Josh owns the song and it’s a great track.





Really solid pop rock track. QOTSA’s best pop rock song is still another Another Love Song. This is very Rated R and almost feels like a follow up to Lost Art of Keeping A Secret, there second best pop rock song. So far this album  has surpassed every album except Rated R and the classic Songs for the Deaf.


The Evil Has Landed



Unless the next song is Songs for the Dead part 2, this is the best song on the album. Probably one of their most epic and awesome songs since Songs for the Dead. It’s the best mix of early QOTSA and the newer stuff. That ending is epic and fantastic.


Villains of Circumstance



Wow. This one of the best choruses Josh has ever written. It’s epic and dare I say optimistic. The minimalist verse pairs nicely with that Bostonesque chorus and the solo is special–in my top 5 of Josh solos. Great closer!

Overall Rating

8.83 out of 10

This ranks as my 3rd favorite QOTSA album and I’ll be listening to this for the rest of the year.


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