Ted Cruz Sponsors No Mothers Left Behind Bill

Conservative Christian and staunch family values Senator Ted Cruz has recently sponsored the No Mothers Left Behind Bill. While very little is known about what is in the bill, Senator Cruz was quoted, “There are good hearted women in their thirties and their forties, working hard, having to wear jeans that don’t show their true selves. These angels bestowed by God, need a helping hand, need to feel the love of American close to their hearts.”

While some senators and many social conservative are concerned about social program that would help single mothers, Cruz has tried to assuage their fears, “Reality is king, and the reality is that behind each one of their bosoms something special; pumping love for American. American mother’s who are spiritually fit and fun-spirited have a great ally in Ted Cruz. I welcome them to reach out to me on Twitter.”

If you would like to contribute to the bill visit its co-sponsor at Realitykings.com




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