I Voted For Trump Because I Thought He Was the Antichrist

I felt helpless and lost when I entered drug rehab. I was fiending for heroin and even gasoline, anything. I loved huffing gas almost as much as I loved shooting heroin. But with no drugs to escape, I only felt hate in my heart, a hole that nothing could fill. I felt that hole grow bigger when we were forced to play volleyball. I felt like that ball being hit mindlessly back and forth.

But true love and purpose came to me, it came to me in a book. If you are expecting the Bible you are half right; my love for Christ came to me when I read Left Behind. Wow! This book showed me that Jesus not only loved screw ups like me but he was gearing up to fight the final war with Lucifer.

Praise Jesus!

This was major to me. God not only existed and loved me, but he needed me to help others prepare for his return! Those who loved him would not experience death but be raptured.

Man, death freaks me out. I don’t like pain and the idea that I could avoid death and pain and be held by Jesus, it felt so right and true to me. I gave my heart right there to Jesus and lost the desire to do heroin forever from that moment forward. I didn’t want to go to Hell or live it, I wanted to be raptured.




That was 2 years ago and 6 months and three days. Ever since I accepted Christ, I have read Revelations in the Bible every day. I have read Revelations almost 1000 times and when I saw Trump running I praised Jesus and got ready. I knew without a doubt this man had to be the Antichrist.


Because he deceived fellow Christian’s easily, worshipped himself and money, and he had business deals all over the world. He was a man who lived in sin his whole life and bragged about being a fornicator, greedy, and even fellow ‘Christians’ still loved him.




If Trump isn’t the Antichrist, than I don’t who is…but 2 years later I am not so sure.

I thought the Antichrist would seduce the whole world, at least start with the American government, but Trump couldn’t even pass a health care bill. The Antichrist should at least be able to take people’s healthcare away.

I am saddened to realize that Trump probably isn’t the Antichrist, I am still hoping for that, and I thought with DACA that maybe he showed promise of Antichristness. But then he tweets that he won’t do it.

He’s not making anything great, he’s just a mediocre president and that makes for a lousy Antichrist.

It sucks. In my heart of hearts, I just don’t think Trump is the Antichrist. Obama wasn’t either and I don’t see any good Antichrist potential. I will pray for God to unleash the true Antichrist, or if it really is Trump, we need to help unleash his powers and make the Antichrist Great again.


William Todd is the pen name for a good hearted christian man.



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  1. Nan

    This may freak you out, but in my studies of Scripture, I came to see the fake church as the world described there. To me, it made sense and everything fell into place. Maybe that is why trump is loved by evangelicals and ‘fake’ Christians.

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