Top Ten Naughty Movies To Fuck To

As the apocalypse looms what better to do than get down with someone or some ones for some dirty kinky fun. These ten movies are ones that tickle your mind as well as other parts. The full mind-body fuck. The perfect date movies for the daring cinephiles in all of you.





Crash: Damaged people seeking more damage. What could be sexier, right? Cronenberg will mindfuck you. Nostalgia blends with modernity in this masterpiece of kink and existentialism.





Sweet Movie: If you like a little politics in a post-Socialist Eastern European fever dream, then this is your jam. This is full on arthouse. It is strange, disturbing, an oddly erotic. It is satirical, gorgeous and grotesque. You might fuck during the chocolate or the sugar scene.




Nekromantik: Romantic, dark, and brutal. If you watch this and don’t get turned on you are officially a corpse.


brown bunny blow job


The Brown Bunny: Honestly, Deep Throat is probably hotter. But if you like a little arthouse indulgence with your porn you might dig it. Not much really happens in this movie so it’s great for sex. You can literally just watch the hotel scene at the end and get everything you needed to know. There is controversy surrounding the blow joy. To me it looks real af. You decide.




Blue is the Warmest Color: Hot sex, blue hair & suggestive oyster eating. If you like some sad with your sexy this is the movie to get those sexy vibes flowing.




The Night Porter: Because Nazi fetish. Also kinda about true love. What’s not to love about a Nazi guy crawling on his knees through broken glass to prove his love to the Jewish prisoner that he fell in love with back at the Concentration Camp. This movie is bleak, tragic, and artful. It is very well shot and hotel sex is always sexy, even in fucked up situations.




Gaspar Noe’s Love: So many sex scenes that seem very real. They probably are. There’s a threesome and multiple love scenes that are expertly shot. The story is a major bummer, but if you can get past that this movie is hot. Or just watch it and cry while halfheartedly masturbating like I did.


maxresdefault (4)


Nymphomaniac: Disturbing, yes. Sad, yes. Sexy? Yes! This movie takes its time telling the story of a Nymphomaniac, Charlotte Gainsbrourg, from her youth to the present moment where she finds herself laying beat up on the street in the snow. You wonder how she got there. Lars Von Trier takes his time but every scene, every moment packs a punch. This movie is as thought provoking as it is an erotic journey. Sex as a spiritual quest. Not to be missed.



Paz Vega - Sex and Lucia - 1_2-500


Sex and Lucia: A meditation on desire, fate, love, and storytelling. The sex scenes on water and on land will leave you flustered in all the right ways.




The Dreamers: Has the best threesome to be captured on film. Eva Green is sexy af and she’s so naked for much of the film. Her in the bath makes it worth watching.


So, get sexy, people. The world is ending. Might as well go out with a bang.







Leza Cantoral is the editor in chief of CLASH Books. She is the author of Cartoons in the Suicide Forest and the editor of the upcoming CLASH Books anthology, Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath. She is the host of Get Lit With Leza where she talks to cool ass writers, filmmakers, and pop culture fanatics. She also slays cyber- trolls with her bare hands and spends way too much time on Facebook. Find her there or on Twitter & Instagram @lezacantoral 


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Leza Cantoral is a human who lives on the internet. She is the editor of Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey & Sylvia Plath, host of Get Lit With Leza podcast, author of Cartoons in the Suicide Forest, & editor in chief of CLASH Books. She blogs at Twitter, IG, FB @lezacantoral

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