Drag Queen Dino Fighters by MP Johnson Rips out the Rad


Drag Queen Dino Fighters by MP Johnson Rips out the Rad



MP Johnson has blasted her way through Bizarro with the plot-driven bullet Drag Queen Dino Fighters.  She’s has a Wonderland Award under her garter belt for Dungeons and Drag Queens and is determined to bring you weird, gross, rad, and fab books by promoting at conventions and engaging readers through social media.  Not only is she making an impact in the Bizarro world, she also knows a thing or two about drag queens—she performs in drag as Maddy Manslaughter.  Drag Queen Dino Fighters is a story Johnson wanted to tell simply because it’s one she would enjoy reading, yet it’s presented as such a unique and well-crafted story anyone can appreciate it.





Told through the life of Steven, who lives with his boy toy boyfriend, ex-wife, son, and ex-wife’s mad scientist father, it’s like Modern Family meets Full House meets the creative mind of MP Johnson.  Life has been fine and dandy in the household until a new member of the family comes along and rips shit up.  No, it’s not a dog.  It’s a baby triceratops named Spax.  The little rascal literally tore itself out of Steven’s chest one afternoon while he was hosting bingo as drag queen persona Ivanna Deflower.  Being the only person in the world with a baby triceratops that can dance and do Bizarro tricks elevates Ivanna’s drag queen performances at her other gig.

She soon finds superstardom within reach by becoming the headliner at a top nightclub in LA and is invited to perform on a drag queen reality TV show with Spax.  Of course, nothing comes easy. Jealous drag queens want Ivanna to quit.  Bronze Manley, a shark-riding drag king, steals Spax. Even Spax, whether intentionally or not, becomes competition.   However, family life is neglected and they drift away pursuing happiness with others.  Will achieving success be worth it if Steven is left all alone?  He doesn’t want it to be.  But there might not be much of anything left if the gay dinosaurs that landed their space ships on earth ruin everything for everyone.


“Then came the oviraptor with the fuck-me pumps and shredded neon fishnets.”


As a fan of Johnson’s hand-drawn artwork depicting bloodshot eyeballs and blobs of slime fused with teeth and fingernails, I enjoyed similar absurdities in this book.





“From the oviraptor’s bones, veins reached out like worms after rain.  They plunged themselves into the holes that opened in T-Rex’s dome.  The neon green fishnets grew like sexy kudzu and slid over T-Rex’s body.  The dinos weren’t melting down.  They were melting together.” 


What’s produced after completed transformation is Dragosaurus Rex.  Bitches beware.  Not only does she have an appetite for humans, she talks and dances like the fiercest of all drag queen divas.

I found there to be perfect levels of several elements within the story.  Just enough lovey-dovey family time spent not to wear out its welcome; occasional peeks backstage before performances of the drag queen lifestyle; unimaginable Bizarro things happening; action fighting; and otherworldly sci-fi.

Although the cover works because it’s interesting and rad as hell looking, I was a little thrown off.  There are no dildo guns or drag queen riding dinos—the triceratops, I imagine is Spax, stays an adorable size throughout the story.  I have no idea what another cover should look like, and like I said, it’s rad as hell, so it’s really not a big deal.

Beneath all the glitz and glamour of Drag Queen Dino Fighters is a story demonstrating the strength needed to stand up to big scary beasts ready to stomp our dreams.  To fight, we need to believe in ourselves first.  Soon after, once comfortable in our own skin, love for ourselves will grow; thus attracting love and support from others who ultimately enable us to slay the beast.

I feel like the personality of MP Johnson shines as the character of Steven/Ivanna Deflower throughout Drag Queen Dino Fighters.  She’s kind, loving, and driven.  Someone everyone should get to know.







Christopher Lesko is the author of The Grlz Like Vodka, Long Live Crazy, That’s My Ghoul, The Electric Lunatic, Fukced Up, and a handful of deranged short stories. Other creative outlets of his include photography, video production, graphic design, and abstract painting. He lives in Youngstown, Ohio.


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