Why Trump Wants to be Impeached








He walked around Greenwich Village in his bathrobe and slippers mumbling to himself. Any pedestrian walking by would think of the disheveled man as just another freak homeless man. But he wasn’t a freak, he was a genius, a criminal mastermind getting his cards in a row decades in advance for the long game. Newspapers and law enforcement called him “The Oddfather,” his criminal underlings referred to him as “Chin,” but at the end of the day, Vincent Gigante ran the Genovese crime family. His reign at the head of the family started 10 years into Donald Trump’s success as a real estate developer. “The Oddfather” was able to avoid prosecution under the guise that he was mentally unfit. His own brother, a priest, testified that Gigante from mental retardation and had an IQ of 69, far below the functioning norm.




Law enforcement never gave up chasing the heroin trafficking mob boss who once ordered a failed hit on John Gotti. After numerous attempts to convict Gigante, he was finally indicted and convicted on racketeering charges. While facing additional charges in prison he came clean about faking his mental illness for close to three decades.





Growing up on Long Island, outside of New York City in the 80s and 90s, these are the kind of news stories I’d read. There were also headlines about a shyster businessman who loved making shady deals. Who would think, this con man with a PR department would someday be president?

Since taking office, the question of his collaboration with Russia and election rigging is a new experience for Trump in the legal world. Prior to this, the bulk of the lawsuits filed against him were civil suits or minor charges resulting in, “slap on the wrist” fines. Now he’s facing something new, federal criminal charges, which become a greater reality every day. Among the potential charges he faces is treason, well known as a capital offense.

The reality of Trump receiving the death penalty is a long shot that Vegas wouldn’t bother offering odds-on. However, as of writing this, bookmakers place Trump’s odds of remaining in office until 2020 from 4/5 to 4/7 due to a large bet placed by a British investment firm. Trump, a former casino owner, knows the importance of covering his bets. 4/7 is still over a 50% chance of stepping down or being impeached before finishing his term. With treason on the table, there is the outside chance of facing the sentence accompanied with it.

Of course, every businessman and politician know to look for the loopholes and impeachment itself may be the loophole. While there is criminal impeachment, there is also impeachment on the grounds of being mentally unfit to serve as president. While many think of Trump as a buffoon, and possibly unable to plan something like this, whether or not he is moot. When you’re the president, you’re surrounded by the best and brightest the country has to offer. Without even thinking about it, Trump may have blurted, “I don’t know how I’m going to get out of these Russia charges.” And it could have even been some intern responded half joking,


“You can always plead insanity.”


The next step would be to have the accusations made against him. To make it look real, they couldn’t come from his own people, most of which are loathed by the American public as much as Trump is. It would have to come from the left.

All it took was him bluffing about going to nuclear war with a dictator who may have the weapons to retaliate, but who knows if the world would usurp him if he tried to use them. This triggered the right people into action. The right people are Dr. Brandy Lee and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D – CA.) Lofgren cited Trump’s behavior regarding North Korea and his response to Charlottesville as a means for removal. Dr. Brandy Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, has come together with other doctors in the mental health profession to write to Congress. In the letter, they refer to Trump as a “clear and present danger… especially concerning North Korea and the president’s command of the US nuclear arsenal.”

Trump knows his legacy is over. With the exception of white supremacists, and people so far up his ass they believe anything he’ll say over the thousands of “fake media” outlets around the world reporting on him, Trump will be known as a crackpot racist and schoolyard bully who served his term as the most disliked President in history. Why not play the insanity card and exonerate himself of all his social faux pass and federal crimes? Doing time for being mentally unstable would mean he’d spend it at a private spa where he’d get a lot of golfing in. Remembered as crazy is a far better legacy than the first president tried and convicted for treason.




Trump came up in the 70s, and became big in the 80s. He read the same newspapers I clipped my current events homework from. Given his ego, I’m sure he was like Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman. Looking for his own name in the newspaper and getting upset that this other super villain “The Oddfather,” was taking all his press. Little did he know, “The Oddfather” would be outlining “The Donald’s” own strategy to dodge charges decades later.





Born on Long Island, Josh Darling had his first short story published at the age of 17, back in the days of zines. Struggling with learning disabilities, he dropped out of college and wandered across the US for years. He worked oddball jobs to make ends meet including short order cook, answering phones at the Home Shopping Network, and telemarketing for conmen. He currently resides in Florida, with the love of his life and their son.


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