President Trump Starts Kickstarter for Secret Service


President Trump is in a pickle. He and his family have tapped all of the funds regulated for the secret service. It’s a dire situation that could be solved with relocations and less travel, but the president feels those are not appropriate sacrifices. Trump, known for his ingenuity of getting out of debt and bankruptcy, has started a Kickstarter Campaign.

The eccentric businessman has implemented creative rewards to pay the 100 million needed for the next four months. For 10 dollars, an American loving patriot can get a Trump Water.  For twenty dollars, Trump stated, “We’ll send a picture of Melania still looking pretty hot for her age.” At fifty dollars, Trump will send a poem Baron wrote for his English Class. Big spenders can get a Trump retweet for $500.00, and for a $1000.00 he will bully anyone on Twitter.

American can feel grateful that we have fiscal conservative and creative businessman in the White House.



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