Maslow’s Hierarchy for Bros

I started calling it the Three P’s back in college. So pardon how crude this is. It’s like Maslow for white middle class American males.

They want to Get Paid, Get Pussy, and Be Popular. Because that’s what middle class American males are raised to believe is Their Destiny. It’s the American Dream for the American Hegemony.

If you frame the political wants of the Alt Right, Alt Left, Dirtbag Right, Dirtbag Left, the Libertarians, the INCLs, the MRAs, the 4Chans, and all those people, their overlapping deltas are the need for the 3Ps. If you keep scratching around you’ll find out they’re not getting enough of one or all of these to feel like they’re satisfied in life.

MOST people will just work harder, or clean their apartment and take a shower on date night, or ask for a raise. But there’s a group of weird contrarians who’ve decided they’re not getting their 3Ps because of someone else: Corporations, Immigrants, Banks and/or Jews, Feminists and/or Feminazis, African-Americans, the Man, etc.

It’s that group that seems to be defining our debate right and left. It’s a culture of not only dissatisfaction, but dissatisfaction hardwired to a victim mentality.

Also, pro tip: you get the 3Ps by not trying to get them. You get them by finding things you like and are talented at and pursuing those. Don’t paddle upstream. Confidence comes from embracing who you are – success comes from being competent at what you do.


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