Pigs, Poetry & Witchcraft With Cooper Wilhelm




“Something about doing the podcast through Skype made it feel much more relaxed than other times I’ve done something like this. It felt much more like a conversation than a sort of performance of me-ness. Also there’s a magic to doing something until outside forces prevent you, like chasing a train as it leaves the station, or burning all the matches in a matchbook one by one, or talking with someone until your phone dies.”

Cooper Wilhelm




“I had a wonderful time talking to Cooper Wilhelm. It was interesting talking to someone surrounded by city sounds as I am sitting here in nowhereland New Hampshire. It made me miss New York and also not. I had gone on his radio show Into the Dark on Radio Free Brooklyn and we had such a good time I did not want the conversation to end, so I invited him to come on Get Lit With Leza and we talked about all kinds of things. Probably most important thing I learned from talking to him was that there are so many cute raccoons on Instagram that I am not currently following. That is being remedied asap. We also did meditations right before going on to talk to each other and wrote up our reflections post-meditation. That was a cool and interesting exercise that I will def be doing more.”



Cooper Wilhelm is the author of a microchapbook about necromancy and breakups called Klaatu Verata Nikto (Ghost City Press 2016), as well as of DUMBHEART/STUPIDFACE (Siren Songs 2017) and of an as of yet untitled chapbook about pigs from Business Bear Press. He hosts Into the Dark, a talkshow about witchcraft on Radio Free Brooklyn and tweets @CooperWilhelm



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