Get Heathenish With Kelby Losack




“My friends were all hood rats.”

-Kelby Losack

It was badass talking to someone as genuine and real as Kelby Losack. In the indie lit scene you come across a lot of posers. It was fascinating hearing the true stories from his own mouth that ended up making their way into his newest book, Heathenish, published by Broken River Books. I read this book quickly. It is hard to put down. It is gripping. It’s a page turner. It’s raw and it shreds your heart. Kelby is real and funny af. The Skype call got dropped, and I decided it was a good place to stop. In part 2 shit gets real. Tune in for some lit drama and some impromptu freestyle by Kelby himself.

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“I don’t know of very many literature podcasts that are worth listening to, just to be honest. But I was excited when Leza invited me to “get lit” on her show, ’cause
1. I had just read and dug her story collection Cartoons In the Suicide Forest, and
2. Leza is a trailblazer. She likes mixing shit up and isn’t afraid to be messy with it along the way, and that brings an admirable layer of genuineness to the show. I enjoyed being a guest, even though we went to some dark places I wasn’t expecting to go to, but that’s part of it, right? You never know what might go down on Get Lit with Leza. Might even get asked to spit a freestyle or get gangsta with a hand puppet (what up, Ophelia Piggly). Anyway, hope you dig it, listeners.”
-Kelby Losack

Kelby Losack is the author of HEATHENISH (Broken River Books) and some other stuff. He sometimes raps and produces music under the alias Heathenish Maverick. Builds cabinets and does various construction work to pay the bills. He lives with his soul mate in the Third Coast.

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