Why I Can’t Wait for GLOW

By Elizabeth Teets

I am a huge Kate Nash fan. Along with being a huge fan of her music since I was a teen, I routinely stalk her Instagram. Nash is my fashion icon and I love to look at what designers she is wearing (usually small houses who do exceptional work) and see what I can recreate from what I can get down the street and my local Give and Take.


I instantly took notice when she announced she would be appearing on a series for Netflix this summer. I went to YouTube to watch the trailer having canceled my Netflix account after switching to Hulu and realized I would be once again, subscribing to Netflix.

The trailer for GLOW stuck with me immediately. From the beginning, it looks like the perfect show for Nash; colorful, 80s fashions heavy, and feminist. I audibly gasped when I saw Marc Maron. I love WTF and consider Maron to be one of my comedy idols. I also have done a fair amount of day dreaming about finding out later in life he is my real father, but that’s another story. I was somewhat taken aback to see Maron in this role. I am a fan of Marc, but he isn’t exactly quite about being rough emotionally on the women in his life and sleeping with people much younger than, him. One of my favorite Kate Nash songs is Mansion Song, a feminist manifesto about whose catchy chorus of “I don’t have to be your baby” constantly gets suck in my head. In other words, I would be giddy to witness any interaction between Maron and Nash. GLOW had me hooked immediately and Nash and Maron are just supporting characters.


The trailer for GLOW introduces us to Ruth (Alison Brie) an aspiring actress who is dissatisfied with the sexist parts available in Hollywood. When she seems to give up all hope, her agent calls with a job looking for “unconventional women.” Ruth is the introduced to The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and we as the audience are introduced to a cast of vibrate and original female characters. (including Nash as a space woman) “Wrestling is about type,” we learn as the women of GLOW are expected to perform as different female archetypes. However, no character we see on-screen seems archetypal, and but much more fully realized than the characters Ruth was dissatisfied with playing from before.

Quite Riots Cum of Feel the Noise plays during the second half of the trailer and I immediately got it stuck in my head and had to listen to it while I ran on the treadmill the next day. I imagined my own wrestling character realizing how dissatisfied I am with characters I currently see in television. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling stayed with me longer than other trailers and I was slightly embarrassed that I was this excited to watch TV.

Kate Nash has started to promote GLOW on her Instagram giving me another reason to obsessively check it every day up until the premier. I only hope someone stops me from trying to walk down the street in a similar eighties outfit. GLOW premiers on Netflix June 23.

Elizabeth Teets is a writer and stand-up comedian from Portland Oregon. She is currently asleep on the couch in the lobby of The Hollywood Theater if you need to find her. Below is a clip of her stand up


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