Review of the Film The Circle


The Circle is still in my top 5 novels of this decade. I love Dave Eggers. He is one of the few writers I can say who is equally literary and entertaining. He is just an excellent writer and storyteller. So I went to see The Circle even though it had a 17% Rotten Tomato.

I loved the novel The Circle because of the premise and what it said about our relationship to Social Media. David Eggers is one of the screenwriters, but I just couldn’t believe it could be that bad, at least to me, because I love the source material.

For an hour and thirty minutes, I loved the hell out of the movie and then they totally butchered the climax and resolution for the last 12 minutes. This had to be forced rewrites from producers or the director (co-screenwriter) going a total different route, because it wasn’t the original ending and it also made no fucking sense.

Those final 12 minutes ruined the movie.

TL;DR Read the book and pass on the movie.


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