Melania Trump’s New Portrait Actually Headshot for New Law and Order: SVU Role




Melania Trump’s New Portrait Actually Headshot for New Law and Order: SVU Role



The White House’s alleged “official portrait” of First Lady Melania Trump was discovered to hold much bigger news.

The portrait is actually her official headshot for a role in Law and Order: SVU, as suggested by her piercing gaze, dark blazer, a gigantic diamond ring that could probably kill someone if you pushed them aside in a metro-station (which let’s be honest, metro-riders will be safe from encountering Mrs. Trump’s killer ring in a peasant’s metro station), and her crossed “I have a poison-coated knife in a hidden pocket probably” arms.




“I am honored to play the role of Lieutenant Olivia Benson on SVU, and look forward to working on behalf of Dick Wolf over the coming years,” said Mrs. Trump enthusiastically.


Executive producers have tried telling Mrs. Trump that she will actually be playing a different and temporary role of a supermodel’s dead body for the autopsy scene. Mrs. Trump has declined requests to stop telling people she’s playing the role of Olivia Benson for unknown reasons, but I think we all would want to say we’re Olivia Benson enough times until it’s finally real.




Mariskia Hargitay currently plays Lieutenant Benson (the same character she has been playing since 1999, except for that weird period where Connie Nielson replaced her when she took maternity leave, but whatever) and does not seem to be leaving anytime soon. Regardless, she seems willing to let Mrs. Trump shoot a few fake scenes as her iconic character.

“By the time the real episode airs, she will forget about the whole thing to pursue her “anti-bullying” campaign or think the episode is another White House staff member’s investigation,” said Hargitay.

The show is on its 18th season and will probably outlive The Simpson’s and the millennial generation.




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